Friends of Kyle

 Thank you to all those who have supported the Kyle Bedinger Memorial Fund.

We are committed to making a difference in Nashua’s youth athletics programs and with your help, we’re doing it. 

Judy & Rich Loftus

Louise Conte

Cathy Robertson

Sandra Thomas

Carol & Mark Yacco

Martin Fabian

Carrie & Jeff Scott

Allison Annand

Cindy & Todd Whitney

Isabelle & John Hennessy

Paula & Jerry Burke

Bonnie & Brian Calnan

Mary & Tom Fath

Margy & Tim Lamb

Mary Janet & Gerard Dube

Sarah Chabot

Lynne & Dave Coleman

Suzie & Bob Galloway

Charles Hall

Kate McLoughlin

Andrea & Paul Pederzani

Marlene & Jason Gallant

James Hagges

Mona Al Abadi

Janice and Robert Noftle

Steven Levi

Judith Wine

Beau and Dianne Browne

Allison Fries

Abigail DeWitt

Megan Canfield

Matthew Yacco

Catherine Pederzani